Heat wave coming through! 

Which means your elevator machine room can become unbearably hot if not properly equipped to battle the heat. 

Elevator machine rooms operate best between the temperatures of 60 and 90 degrees. Temperatures outside this range can lead to operational difficulties and potential equipment failures. Overheating can cause hazards like the frequent need for repairs and cause loss of equipment reliability. This can result in more frequent calls to the elevator repair service than you’d prefer, causing inconvenience for you and your tenants or customers who depend on the elevator to make their lives easier.

To prevent your elevator room from overheating or reaching temperatures that exceed 90 degrees, make sure you have a dedicated cooling system for the equipment to avoid running into these problems. 

A portable air conditioner can help maintain a cool temperature in the machine room and elevator during the rising summer heat. This is very important in the productivity of your elevator, so make sure you are keeping your elevator’s temperature cool and regulated while we get into the hottest weeks of summer ahead of us. 

We also welcomed the newest member of the Pincus family: our new truck! While our old truck sure did her job, all good things run their course eventually, and like elevators, it was time for an upgrade to continue providing the best service possible for you.

If you run into any problems with your elevator this summer or coming fall and need a reliable repair team to fix the problem, give us a call! Or send an email to Tom Gibson, Sales Representative or Tony Belluscio, President to discuss upgrades in your elevator to ensure safety for your tenants or customers. 

Work with us to create the most convenient and safe experience for your visitors!