Many buildings have Elevator Machine Rooms and these rooms are extremely important for the elevator companies who maintain the machine and for the machine itself. 

Although it may seem convenient to store things not related to the elevator in these rooms,doing so is actually a really bad idea. Using an Elevator Machine Room as a storage closet not only causes issues for the technician who may need to repair your elevator, it may also result in an elevator violation write-up from your inspector. 

Machine rooms tend to get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. This can cause your elevator to have shutdowns if it is not properly ventilated. 

A great tip to avoid violations, is to equip your Elevator Machine Room  with a self-closing/locking door. A lockbox with keys should be placed near to the machine room for access. 

The Pincus Elevator highlight of the month is an elevator installation we are currently working on at 1340 Swedesford Road in Berwyn, PA with Freedom Enterprise. This building will be used as a storage facility opening this summer.  

A collage of Elevator installation images

If you run into any problems with your elevator this Spring and Summer and need a reliable repair team to  fix the problem, call Pincus Elevator Company at  610-738-4350 or contact or contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative at or Tony Belluscio, President at to discuss upgrades in your elevator to ensure safety for your tenants or customers. 

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