With the highly active hurricane season still upon us, it’s important for everyone to be prepared, whether at home or at work. Power loss is common in strong storms, and the elevator systems in buildings tall and small can be affected.

If you find yourself in an elevator during a power outage, in New Jersey or beyond, there are a few simple steps you can take to stay safe and secure.

Stay Calm: If you lose power during an elevator ride, it’s important to remain calm. Remember, elevators are expertly constructed and meant to withstand many potential crises; a power outage may mean the ride has halted but it doesn’t mean there’s anything malfunctioning. Take a deep breath, ensure everyone else in the car is okay and figure out your next steps.

Look for the Safest Way Out: If the car is stopped close enough to its destination, the doors may part when you press the Open button. If so, carefully exit the doors, remaining aware of your surroundings. Depending on where the car stopped, the landing may not be level, so take it slow and steady, especially if the lights are out.

Call for Help: All elevators are equipped with an emergency button so, if you can’t exit on your own, locate and press the button. The system should direct you to the building’s emergency response team, or may connect you straight to police and fire rescue. Explain your location and situation, briefing the dispatcher on the number of people in the car. Depending on the circumstances, assistance may not be able to arrive immediately, so make yourself as comfortable as possible in the event of a short wait.

Power outages can be daunting no matter your location. However, being caught in an elevator shouldn’t be any more stressful than weathering the power loss in another location. Remember that outages are temporary and help will be on the way. Staying calm and putting your situation into perspective can help alleviate any tensions.

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