Be sure your building tenants are safe by keeping your elevators regulated and up to date. Here are the top three elevator maintenance safety tips you should know from the experts at Pincus, one of the top DE elevator companies.

  1. 1.     Take Preventative Measures

 To ensure your elevators are up to par with safety codes, give them a checkup every few months so you can catch any problems before they start. If you don’t keep your elevator maintained, performance will rapidly decrease and response time, repair costs, and complaints will increase. Most importantly, the safety of your tenants could be compromised, so be sure to stay on top of problems before they begin.

  1. 2.     Always Hire the Best Maintenance Contractors

 When hiring someone to tune-up or fix your elevator, don’t always go with the cheapest because it could end up costing you way more in the long run. By paying close attention to a technician’s track record and reputation, building managers can ensure their elevators stay reliable and most importantly, safe.

  1. 3.     Have a Solid Maintenance Contract

Whether the manufacturer or a third-party elevator service company maintains your elevator, it’s important to have a solid contract that spans at least five years. The longer time frame of the contract signifies that the company is serious about business and is more likely to invest in people and equipment. Additionally, the contract should be specifically tailored to the elevator type, age, and pattern of use to ensure the highest performance and safety parameters.

Elevator maintenance is incredibly important for the safety of your buildings occupants, so be sure to follow these safety tips from one of the top DE Elevator Companies, Pincus.