Think of it. You’re on, say, Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. You grabbed a loaf of bread at DiBruno’s, went shopping at Boyd’s. You pop across the street, into an elevator . . .
. . . and into space. Talk about comprehensive elevator service in PA.
A space elevator has long been a dream of scientists and adventurers alike. And the development of carbon nanotubes—tiny, super-strong cylinders of interlinked carbon molecules that have revolutionized manufacturing and medical science—may make the dream closer than ever.
Or maybe not. A new scientific study says that while carbon nanotubes might be great for a bike or tennis racket, they wouldn’t hold up in a structure as tall as a space elevator. Smithsonian magazine has the full story.
As your PA elevator service since 1953, Pincus will stick to the Delaware Valley—for now. But hey, should a space elevator become a reality, don’t count us out!
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