Pincus has performed elevator installation in NJ, PA, and DE since 1953.

What’s the secret of our success? Expertise, value, and customer service go a long way, sure. But we like to think it’s a lot to do with how we approach sales.

We’ll work with you to determine the elevator equipment that’s right for your home or business, and we’ll give you a fair contract to install it. But we’ll never insist that we maintain the equipment in the future.

Not that we aren’t glad for your business, of course. Allowing you to accept bids for elevator maintenance isn’t just fair; it’s a sign of confidence, our promise to keep you safe and comfortable at a competitive price. An elevator maintenance contract is a long business relationship, and we want to win your confidence on merit.

With over half a century of elevator installation in NJ, PA, and DE, we think we make a pretty good case. Our maintenance contracts also include 100% system coverage, meaning that we cover every possible issue with your elevator—every one.

Our estimates are free, and we’re always glad to hear from you. Get in touch with us to learn more about elevator installation in NJ, PA, and DE!