Had your elevator for a while?

Maybe it’s time to refurbish the cab. As one of the Delaware Valley’s top elevator installation and repair companies since 1953, Pincus knows a thing or two about elevator cab refurbishment. Here’s a quick guide to doing it.

First, be realistic. The cab is the aesthetic experience, the environment you or your guests inhabit during the ride. Refurbishment won’t make your elevator faster or smoother—that calls for new equipment. If your elevator is over 15 years old or sees heavy industrial traffic, it’s probably wise to consider refurbishment.

Next, don’t listen to your architect. We grant that she knows her lobbies, atriums, and family rooms, but elevators belong with those who know elevator code. This is particularly important because renovations can change the weight of the cab, which is a key element in maintaining a certified elevator. An elevator installation and repair expert like Pincus will ensure your cab stays safe and ADA compliant.

Finally, elevator cab refurbishment is construction. So it takes permits, and it takes a qualified contractor who will protect you from future liability. Pincus has done elevator installation and repair across NJ, PA, and DE for a long time—we’ll make sure your cab refurbishment is safe, cost-effective, and stands the test of time.