Most of what makes an elevator safe happens in the installation and maintenance phases and DE elevator companies have a great track record. But there are a few things you can do.

First, watch your step—look down and step over that crack. And watch to see that the elevator is flush with the floor, in case there is a slight step you need to take.

As a courtesy, you’ll want to hold the door open for others. Press the door open button. Don’t use your arms or legs to block the door. That will probably work fine, but it can tip people off balance. Not only that, but the person you are helping will have an arm or leg to get around as the walk in.

Wait for the next elevator if the one arriving is packed. Getting jostled by departing passengers can be unpleasant.

Don’t hold the door open with luggage or other bags. If held open too long, new elevators can time out as a safety measure, meaning it won’t go anywhere once you get on.

Finally, use common sense. Don’t enter an elevator with someone who makes you feel uneasy. If you need to get off in a hurry, press as many floor buttons as you can and the elevator will stop at the next floor called.

PA, NJ and DE elevator companies work hard to make every elevator safe and well maintained. With your help, rides can be fast and safe.