Many people don’t think anything about elevators other than their purpose of transporting you from top to bottom of a building, but elevators can be quite pleasing and unique. While most elevators are of modest decoration, there are a few that exceed aesthetic expectations and have been recently featured in USA Todays’ coolest elevators in the world article. One of these is an elevator in Philadelphia located in none other than historic Rittenhouse Square.
Most of the elevators on the list are due to their fancy façades but the Hotel Palomar located in Center City is listed because of its cheeky sense of humor on the inside. The elevator walls are lined with eccentric mustached portraits to keep guests company as they travel to their stylish rooms which are furnished in 1960s décor.
Other elevators that made the list in the United States are the Marriott Marquis in New York, which is a step into the future with its glass-enclosed, neon-glowing pod that launches from the hotel’s atrium lobby and zips up 49 floors at 1,000 feet per minute. This is one ride you don’t want to miss, but if you do, watching the pod go from top to bottom and back is equally satisfying.
Another elevator to rival elevator service in Philadelphia is at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, this elevator has an ornate design adorning the exterior which also happens to be the original from when the hotel first swung its doors open in 1888. While it currently uses electricity, this Otis No. 61 used to be powered by steam hydraulics.
The final USA hotel on the list is the Luxor in Las Vegas. This elevator is covered in hieroglyphics to match the pyramid-shaped hotel and its Egyptian theme. Make sure you get to ride the elevator at night when the lights and décor of the ancient Egyptian-themed lobby dazzle below.
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