You can buy books, food, electronics, pet supplies, and furniture online. You can even buy toilet paper.

What can’t you buy?

Home elevators.

At least not yet. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone makes the claim in the future, though. Don’t believe it when they do, because a home elevator is personal.

Really. A home elevator is like the most important pair of shoes you’ll ever buy—it has to keep you safe and comfortable, and it has to suit your style.

Not to mention your home’s architecture. And it needs top-notch installation and service to preserve your peace of mind.

That’s where Pincus Elevator Company comes in. We’ve installed and serviced home elevators in DE, NJ, and PA since 1953, so we’ve got a good idea of what customers want, what’s efficient, and what’s best for your home in the long run.

Think about it—would you get that kind of pedigree from an elevator in a box?

Pincus Elevator has been your Philadelphia-area home elevator company for over sixty years. We give you the value you need and the service you expect.

Our track record speaks for itself, but why not chat with us about home elevator installation in PA, NJ, or DE? We’re happy to hear from you!