Your best bet for great elevator maintenance is always the company that installed it— right? Maybe not. It’s a complex decision with a lot riding on it. Elevator maintenance can be done by manufacturers, independents, or can be self-maintained. You need competent service for something that everyone—fro the building’s owner to its tenants to its visitors—comes to depend on.

Choosing an independent maintenance firm can often be a better deal in terms of price—and service. You need to check out the company’s level of technical expertise. But you’ll also want to understand its ability to get spare parts fast. That’s the critical component in avoiding extended downtime.

For over 60 years, Pincus Elevator has been the go-to company on everything from maintenance to installation. It provides both home and commercial elevator maintenance through the Delaware Valley including Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the rest of New Jersey. With their reputation, you can trust them with what could be the most critical service in your building.