Do Elevators Have a Place in Social Media?

In 2021, social media seems to be the way of the world these days. Everyone has a social media account of some sort, whether it be Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. There was a time, if you could recall, where mostly young adults and teens had accounts for fun and social reasons, as to where now social media has sprouted into a realm of marketing, advertising, and receiving information different topics and news.

Now, we know not to believe everything you read on the internet, but as long as the information you are receiving is from a credited source and not your best friends, Grandma’s neighbor, you can use social media as a great resource. 


Pincus Social Media Accounts

Pincus Elevator Company has a few social media accounts that has great information about our company’s services, and you guessed it- elevators! We invite you to check out our new YouTube account. We will be uploading informational clips and videos to help our customers better understand who we are and showcase our services.

If you have an Instagram account, give us a follow at “@Pincus_elevator_co.” We may even give you a follow back. If you are interested in reading some history about our company or just want to read about our services, check out our main website at We love making new friends and acquaintances. We look forward to interacting with you! 


Elevator Maintenance & Repair

If you run into any problems with your elevator this winter and need a reliable repair team to fix the problem, call Pincus Elevator Company at  610-738-4350 or contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative or Tony Belluscio, Vice President and General Manager at or to discuss upgrades in  your elevator to ensure safety for your tenants or customers. Work with us to create the most convenient and safe experience for your visitors!