Have you stalled out on getting a residential elevator because the project seems too big to contemplate with too many intractable questions?  Questions like, where will we get the contractors to modify the dwelling before the installation?  Where will we find the right elevator, the right installer, and the right maintenance contract?  Those are four big questions that can make even the most determined person feel like throwing in the towel.  Can we offer you a simple six-letter answer? Pincus.  We know you need a package deal—someone who can provide the construction to do the modifications, help you choose the best elevator or chair lift to suit your needs, install it in a timely and unobtrusive manner, and deliver on a great maintenance contract that makes clear you are in good hands.  That’s a lot to trust one company with.  You need to know that they have done it before, and not just a few times before either.  Installing an elevator can feel like a leap of faith. But by the time the project begins, it’s no longer a matter of faith and more often a question of what was I waiting for?  The answer is simple. You’re waiting for Pincus. And we can’t wait to wait on you. Call us and see how we can downsize those daunting elevator questions into a practical project