Most of us think of stairlift and incline elevators as a necessity that comes with age or injury. However, the technology is much more cost-effective than it used to be and what was once an unreliable luxury is now a reality, allowing people who have trouble navigating stairs to remain in their homes or simply give their legs an added rest.

To be clear, incline elevators and stairlifts are just what they sound like—rather than go straight up like traditional elevators, they operate on inclines and can travel horizontally, making them a vital accessibility feature for wheelchair users, older people, and others who may be in danger of falling.

Meaning you don’t want to entrust them to an elevator service from TV, who may be in another state and rely on contractors to do their work. No, you want an expert in your backyard—like Pincus Elevator Company. Based in Chester, PA, we’ve installed and serviced residential elevators across PA, NJ, and DE since 1953.

We’ll help you select the stairlift and incline elevator that’s right for your home, then install it quickly, safely and affordably. And since we believe in our work, we don’t force you into a maintenance contract. We trust you’ll return to us because we do the job right.

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