Pincus has been your source for elevator maintenance in PA since 1953, so we’ve learned a few things along the way. Though every elevator and client are different, here are three rules for elevator maintenance in PA—and everywhere.

Check In. Bring in a professional to check your elevator twice a year. From safety and performance to ADA compliance issues, you’ll catch problems before they occur.

Choose Wisely. In elevator maintenance, the low bid isn’t always your best bet. Has the contractor worked on this model before? What’s their record? Do they have access to parts?

Read the fine print. Your maintenance contract should last at least five years. This indicates that your contractor makes serious investments in clients, parts, and people. The contract should also be tailored to the elevator model and use pattern.

Remember, if Pincus installs your PA elevator, we never insist on a maintenance contract—because we think our reputation speaks for itself.

If you have questions about elevator maintenance in PA? Give Pincus a call at 610-738-4350. We look forward to hearing from you!