If you plan to install a residential elevator in DE, NJ or PA later, you could be missing out. Here are 5 reasons to act right away:

1) There are a million reasons to install residential elevators but you never know just when having one will move from the list of good ideas to I need it now. Installing one sooner gives you flexibility. It’s done, it’s behind you. Then it’s there when you need it, which may be sooner than you think.

2) One reason to act now is that you may decide to sell your home at some point in the future. That’s a big decision by itself, and installing a residential elevator is a smart move to increase its value. However, you don’t want to be deciding to list your property and installing an elevator at the same time if you can help it. Get the installation out of the way so that when you decide to list, you can sing the praises of having a residential elevator from experience.

3) You don’t need a residential elevator today, you say. That may be true. But, once your elevator is installed, you are prepared. Prepared for a relative or friend moving in who can’t easily get around. Or, prepared for that unforeseen injury, heaven forbid. Maybe it’s just for guests you are hosting who have mobility issues. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s for fun when grandchildren arrive.

4) The sooner you install, the cheaper it is. That’s not because our prices are rising fast—at Pincus we’ve given our customers great deals for over 50 years, and that part of who we are. However, the sooner you install it, the more use you will get out of it. Why install it just as you are moving out? Sure, you get the increase in the home value and that’s great. But, why miss out on all that fun in the meantime? The sooner it is in, the more use you get out of it. The longer you have it, the more that expense of installation is stretched out over time, and the more it recedes into the background.

5) Here’s a final reason to install a residential elevator in NJ, PA or DE now. Even if you act today and choose Pincus as your residential elevator installer in NJ, PA or DE as soon as possible, we predict that you’ll look back and ask, what was I waiting for?