Let’s see, buy an elevator with one click? I actually did see an ad promising “60% off Home Elevator Guaranteed Best Deal Online. Hurry!” It turned out to be an ad for some kind of foot exercise equipment that you use in the home that had the word elevator in the product name.

Change is the only constant, and we have written elsewhere about changes to elevators, what many consumers think of as a sleepy old industry. But we just don’t see people getting elevators for their home at the click of a mouse. The idea reminds us of something Warren Buffett said when he helped finance Mars buying Wrigley’s. I just don’t think the Internet is going to change the way people chew gum, he quipped.

The reason why people aren’t going to buy elevators from the likes of Amazon is that it takes a lot of expertise to get them right—helping the customer choose what is right for their home, installing it, and signing a maintenance contract. And delivering on it.

At Pincus, we’ve worked for over half a century to streamline that whole process of choice, installation, and maintenance. And customers love the results. That’s partly because we treat reputation the same way Buffett does, something you can build over decades but destroy in an instant. Relations with our customers are our most important asset.

But buy with a mouse click? If it comes to pass, drop us a line. If you’re the first one to bring the event to our attention, we’ll mail you a stick of gum.