Everyone has been there – the elevator doors open and you see just enough space for two more people if that one woman with the huge gym bag would move to the left, and the guy talking on his cell phone would move to the right and back. Wouldn’t it be great if there was standard etiquette for elevators in NJ? Something we’d have posted in the elevators and all follow to avoid the awkward rides as we get to our destinations. While there isn’t a universal etiquette for elevator riding, following these simple tips should make your ride more enjoyable.

1. Skip the small talk. Most people want to be left alone on their journey up or down and trying to force someone to talk who is already confined to a small space with a stranger can be extremely uncomfortable.

2. Oh no, the person behind you needs to get off the elevator, what do you do? Step off and back on. Trying to squish into the space next to you to make room so they can leave not only disrupts the people beside you but makes it more of a hassle for the person trying to leave. You won’t be left behind, promise.

3.  If you’re only going up one floor, please take the stairs. This leaves room for others who are traveling more than one floor and makes the ride shorter.

4. Know when and when not to hold the door. If you’re already packed like sardines and someone tries to squeeze in, just close it. If there are just a few of you in the elevator, use your discretion and if you are the only one, hold the door.

5.  If you know you’re going to be traveling in an elevator most of the day, skip the perfume or cologne. Standing in an airtight space having to breathe in someone else’s smell is no picnic. No one needs to be subjected to an unpleasant smell no matter how pleasant it is to you. Bring your cologne or perfume with you and put it on at your desk instead. Or, take the stairs.

Hopefully, these tips will make everyone’s New Jersey elevator ride more enjoyable. When in doubt, take the stairs.