Pincus has been your elevator company in DE, PA, and NJ since 1953. Since then we’ve heard every in-home elevator question out there, and the answers boil down to three key points: resale value, accessibility, and style.

Accessibility. In the short term, this is paramount. Maybe you or a family member has limited mobility and stairs are a challenge. Or maybe your joints just need a rest from climbing. An in-home elevator is the low-maintenance answer to your needs; it saves time and sweat, and creates endless peace of mind.

Style. In-home elevators in DE, PA, and NJ needn’t disrupt your style, and don’t require heavy construction. Technology has evolved to the point where an in-home elevator can almost seamlessly integrate with your home’s layout and look.

Resale Value. In-home elevators significantly add to resale value. Even if the buyer doesn’t share your mobility needs, an elevator is a special treat that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

If this sounds like something that would work for your home, call Pincus at 610-738-4350 to discuss in-home elevators in DE, NJ, and PA. We look forward to hearing from you!