As your commercial elevator installer in DE since 1953, Pincus is concerned with more than just making your elevator run smoothly and safely.

A happy elevator ride is more than getting from points A to B—it takes courtesy, care, and common sense. Here are a few tips:

Stand to the right. That is, away from the doors, and move back, so people can enter and exit easily. Don’t board until others have gotten off.

Hold the door if possible. If you’re near the door and see a person approaching? Hold it. If your colleague is lingering in the restroom? Don’t.

Be realistic. Do you need to shoehorn yourself onto the elevator? Get the next one.

Respect the line. Hit a big line of people on the way to the office? Those who were there first should board first.

Near the buttons? Then push ‘em. On a crowded ride, ask newcomers for their floor.

Pincus is proud to be your commercial elevator installer throughout the Delaware Valley. Do you have questions about commercial elevator installation in DE, PA, or NJ? Ask us!