Are you looking to install a wheelchair or vertical platform lift in DE, NJ, or PA? Pincus can help knock down accessibility barriers. Many people who can benefit from such a lift find themselves stalling. It’s too expensive and too much of a hassle to get the construction done that may be required prior to installation.

But what so many of our customers don’t realize until after they install one is that they wished they had done it sooner. That’s not just because the freedom provided by these platforms and lifts is worth it. They sometimes don’t understand that we can oversee the needed construction as well as the installation, making this an easy project for the home owner, not the hassle they sometimes envision it to be.

Customers also rarely recognize what a sound investment installing these can be. The value of a vertical platform or wheelchair lift is rarely confined to the freedom it offers the person or family who installs it; they usually go on to benefit future owners of the home as well, adding great value. That’s because of the very dynamic mentioned above: a lot of people perceive that installing a vertical platform lift here in PA is too much trouble. Then they see a home for sale that already has one. They feel thankful they can escape the hassle of getting one installed, never understanding that the project is a lot simpler than they imagined.

Finally, for some customers there’s a little understood satisfaction that has nothing to do with money. Having one installed instantly makes independent living more feasible. But after a while, people realize that they’ve improved the home not just for themselves, but for future owners as well. They transform a home that once presented barriers into one that extends freedom—permanently.

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