Elevators are a very important type of technology that we rely on daily for many reasons. Having the proper care and maintenance for your elevator will keep it running smoothly and limit issues that may cause problems for your business, tenants, and patients.

With summer just around the corner, it is important to know how extreme heat and outside temperatures can influence the way your elevator runs. Staying on top of maintenance will help ensure your elevator runs smoothly with minimal error. We invite you to check out our Pincus YouTube channel which has informational videos on how to help keep your elevator running smoothly during the changing seasons.  

If you run into any additional problems with your elevator this spring and need a reliable repair team to fix the problem, call Pincus Elevator Company at  610-738-4350 or contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative at TGibson@PincusElevator.com or Tony Belluscio, Vice President and General Manager at TBelluscio@PincusElevator.com to discuss upgrades in your elevator to ensure safety for your tenants or customers. 

Work with us to create the most convenient and safe experience for your visitors!