Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

There is no question that the last year and a half has been a stressful one for many and most. Thankfully, we are starting to feel the pressure come off as more and more begins to open and we can start to get back to our normal, everyday lives as we once knew. Stress and mental health has been a struggle for a lot of people and kids of all ages. 

It was recommended to find safe social-distancing activities throughout the pandemic to keep us happy and hopeful for better days. Mental health is and was one of the most challenging factors of the during and aftermath of the pandemic. It is easy to fall into a temporary depression when we are deprived of the things that make our lives worth living and the little things that keep us happy. Humor is a great way to keep uplifted and hopeful for a better future. 

Being in the elevator industry- has its UPS and DOWNS, get it! Go online and search some funny jokes or short stories to give your mind some comic relief. Everyone could at some point use some comic relief to their busy, stressful everyday lives. Whether on your break, while standing in the elevator or just when you finally get a second to yourself, take the time to read something that makes a smile shoot across your face. 

If you are struggling with mental health, be sure to speak up; reach out to someone who can help. Call a hotline, text a friend, talk to a neighbor. Make your voice heard. 

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