Pincus Elevator is eager to help your team do capital planning and budgeting for your elevators. We provide this as a complimentary service to help our customers. We’ll take the time to thoughtfully assess your equipment. Then we’ll produce a plan that should help shape your budget for next year – and the years to come.

After 10 years of service, elevators can start costing you well above your regular maintenance plan. Here at Pincus, we’ll visit your location and evaluate all of your elevators and current equipment. We’ll  identify which components need to be replaced in one, five and even ten years by providing a capital plan. This gives you a clear idea of the costs associated with elevator upkeep that you can expect over the years. We’ll also identify any obsolete equipment that could create lengthy shutdowns. This allows building owners to budget and prepare for potential elevator issues in the future. 

A capital plan can help reduce shutdowns and better prepare you for any large elevator repair or replacement costs that could be approaching. 

If you would like complimentary capital planning for elevators, please contact us calling us at 610-738-4350 or contacting our Sales Representative Tom Gibson at