Elevator Tip! Now that spring is here it might be time to turn off or reduce the temperature settings for your elevator’s equipment room.  Elevators run best when temperatures are maintained to within 65 to 90 degrees year-round.  This is important because severe heat or cold can prematurely break down your elevator equipment.  Humidity is a factor also and must be kept at acceptable levels since high humidity levels can induce moisture into the elevator equipment causing component failure.  It is also important to keep your elevator equipment room and shaft way dry.  Dirt and dust must be kept to a minimum.  For more information please contact someone at Pincus Elevator Co., Inc.

A variety of energy saving measures can cut hydraulic elevators’ energy consumption significantly — in some cases, by up to half.  With new technology in motor design, control valves and solid-state starters your existing hydraulic elevator can run more efficiently, with less noise and big savings on your energy.

For hydraulic elevators, replacing the power unit could result in a significant improvement. The power unit includes the pump, motor, and valve assembly. Newer designs have fewer moving parts, are easier to adjust, and require less maintenance. The latest improvements in valve design include self-adjusting technology which improves performance in varying temperature conditions.

Pincus Elevator Co., Inc. provides hydraulic elevator power unit(s) and solid-state starters for these solutions, for any application.   Pincus Elevator can furnish a standard energy efficient model power unit or solid-state starter, in accordance with your specifications, or we can provide solutions to meet any requirements you may have.  Please call for a free survey and find out about how we can improve your existing service with added cost savings.

To learn more about how to Pincus Elevator Co., Inc. can make sure your property’s elevators remain in good working order please contact
Tony Belluscio or Tom Gibson.