Augmented reality (AR)? For elevators? Yes, thanks to elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp. They’ve introduced a new Microsoft product called the Hololens into its service operations. The Hololens is a kind of wearable technology that contains a self-contained holographic computer. It allows the wearer to place holograms in his or her environment. Apparently, that’s helpful when it comes to servicing elevators, especially now that elevators have joined the Internet of Things (IoT). If such technology could come to local elevator companies we could see AR assisting elevator installation in Philadelphia.

The Hololens allows service technicians to identify, and visualize problems with an elevator prior to the actual job. It also lets techs have hands-free, remote access to information (technical data and expert assistance) while on the job at the client site.

The Hololens integrates with MAX, the first predictive maintenance tool for elevators, already in use with thousands of elevators around the world. MAX operates in real time, and it’s designed to catch issues with elevators before they become BIG issues. And then the Hololens can come into play with servicing the elevator before it would involve a significant service interruption, and can be scheduled a time when disruption in the building is minimal. This means happy building management, cost savings, and happy elevator riders.

For a local perspective, let’s pretend the Comcast Center has ThyssenKrupp elevators that integrate with MAX technologies. As different maintenance issues arrive, the technician would be given Hololens and would be able to make any necessary repairs when the traffic in the Comcast Center would be at its absolute minimum. Now, think about the construction of the new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. How many more technological leaps — or versions of the Hololens — would be needed so that AR can help with elevator installation in Philadelphia? Probably less than you think!