The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly taking over the world, including the development of “smart” elevators.  In this case, “smart” means connected to the IoT. Like a refrigerator that connects to WiFi and lets you track your groceries so you know when you’re out of something.  For elevators, “smart” means two things.

1) They can use data to help develop predictive maintenance patterns.
2) They use data to give users the shortest ride to their destinations.

Elevator companies in NJ can use this new technology to have fewer emergency calls from clients. The data from smart elevators is stored in the cloud, with several layers of security protection.  Companies can use this data to predict when any given elevator will need maintenance. This helps cut service disruptions. Considering the average service disruption is two days, this adds up to large operating costs for owners. Not to mention significant inconvenience for users. Smart elevators come with sensors that have an independent power source, so they can continue to collect data even if there’s a power outage.

Another facet of smart technologies that elevator companies in NJ can take advantage of is the training of repair technicians. The predictive analytics will help teach the elevator repair technicians error codes. There are hundreds of error codes. Repair techs need to know how to correct those errors before they become large problems.

The other big piece of “smart” technologies that elevator companies in NJ can use is called “destination dispatch.” Manufacturer ThyssenKrupp describes it as how the elevator software is used to increase ride efficiency. Elevator passengers are directed to the elevator unit that will get them to their destinations in the shortest time. The riders are grouped by destination based on which floor, or set floors, they’re traveling to. This grouping allows for fewer stops, which improves the building’s elevator traffic — as well as energy usage.

Given how fast the IoT has developed, it won’t be long before it automates almost every aspect of our lives.  It will make everything run as smoothly as possible. Including our elevators. New technological developments are sure to come. Elevator companies in NJ and surrounding areas will want to keep on top of this trend as technology continues to evolve.

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