What makes a successful elevator maintenance and repair contractor in PA, NJ, and DE?

Pincus Elevator Company has installed and serviced elevators across the Delaware Valley since 1953. Here’s some of what we’ve learned in the past 62 years:

Expertise. Your contractor should know the equipment. And that means being trained on it—there’s no room for guesswork in elevator maintenance. And since technology always moves forward, good contractors provide ongoing training.

Availability. Elevator mishaps don’t adhere to business hours. Your contractor needs a big roster of technicians who are available around the clock.

Parts. You can’t afford to wait for parts to be shipped cross-country. Are they kept on hand?

Insurance. A good contractor frees you from liability in case of accident or negligence.

At Pincus Elevator Company our decades-long record speaks for itself—but we continue to win on merits, delivering the knowledge, efficiency, value, and peace of mind that you expect from your Delaware Valley maintenance and repair company.

Got questions about elevator repair and maintenance in NJ, PA, and DE? Give us a call! We’re happy to discuss how elevators can improve your home or business.