As a building owner or property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure your building’s components remain in working order. That includes everything that people use to make accessing your building convenient – like elevators. In most multi-level buildings, you’ll find one or more elevators that swiftly carry people to and from their desired floor. The only time people really pay attention to an elevator is when it’s not working, so making sure all of its components are inspected and in working order is critical in keeping the residents of your building happy and on their way.

Elevators remain one of the safest ways for people to get where their going. In fact, this device moves more people each day than all other forms of transportation put together and with a stellar safety history. Maintaining the safe operation of your elevators requires routine inspection, repair, and testing by professionals like those at Pincus Elevator. If any work needs to be completed on the elevator or its components, a trained professional must do it.

While professionals should be your go-to, there are some things that property managers and building owners need to know to help maintain this equipment and protect their property. As an example, the door reopening and protection device, which is responsible for stopping and reopening doors when they’re closing, should be inspected frequently and you need to make sure that yours is up to date. Mechanical “contact-type” door edges have been made obsolete within just the past 10 to 15 years. If your elevator is fitted with one of these old versions, it needs to be replaced immediately by a professional. They are no long up to code for any new installation or modernization of old elevators. These mechanical versions are unreliable and as such can potentially harm users of the elevator.

Checking your safety edges on a regular basis can prevent injury and any elevator downtime. If you need help with your safety edges or anything else related to elevator maintenance and repair, call Pincus Elevator and we’ll help you implement a plan.

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