It’s the premise of countless plays, television shows, and bad dreams—what do you do if you’re stuck in an elevator?

Pincus Elevator Company has installed and serviced elevators in the Delaware Valley since 1953. We know plenty about how and why elevators malfunction, but here are a few tips on how you can stay safe in a stalled elevator.

Don’t panic. Please. We know it’s easy for us to say, but it won’t help your situation. Breathe deep, stay calm. The elevator cables are strong. The governor system prevents it from falling. We promise you’ll get out of there.

Never attempt to pry open the doors. This is obvious if the elevator is between floors, but is equally dangerous if the floor is close by. You’ll can be injured or killed if the elevator starts to move while you’re wedged between doors.

Call for help. Does your phone work? Call building management—a number may be posted in the elevator—or 911. Press the alarm. If there’s an emergency phone or speaker button, use it.

Stay away from the doors. Sit near the back of the elevator if possible. If firemen are forced to break through the doors it will keep you safe.

At Pincus Elevator Company, it’s our goal to avoid situations like this. As one of the top elevator companies in NJ, PA, and DE for over six decades, we’re pretty good at it. But things happen. It’s tough to remember advice in the midst of an emergency, but safety in a stalled elevator is simple. Sit tight. Nothing bad can happen.

And hey, being stuck could be worse—you could use the time to think of a good screenplay idea. What if your fellow passenger was . . . Batman?