two elevators with windows in a multi-story building

In today’s fast-paced world, something as simple as waiting for an elevator can become a hassle. We may anxiously press the button again, tap our fingers on the wall as we wait and jet towards the opening doors as soon as one arrives.

Evolving technology is working to keep up with society’s frantic pace, including in the elevator industry. Elevator companies in NJ and around the globe are exploring ways to cut down wait times and make rides swifter and smoother.

ThyssenKrupp is pioneering one design that promises to revolutionize the world of elevators. At its German testing site, the company is experimenting with a product that will not only move riders up and down, but also side to side.

Instead of the traditional cable, the new design uses magnetic linear induction motors, which are currently used in some high-speed trains, to pull the elevator cars. Without the heavy cable, the cars can reach new heights — literally and figuratively.

The pioneering MULTI system enables cars to move vertically and horizontally. In addition to drastically changing infrastructure and design, the shift can lead to significantly reduced wait times for riders. Cars will be able to move in complete loops and will be equipped with technology that enables them to find the quickest route to their destination, using both the traditional and horizontal means. With buildings growing taller and taller, meaning longer rides and lines, the technology can’t come soon enough for many.

However, such a forward-thinking shift will take some time to come to fruition. ThyssenKrupp plans to spend several years testing and perfecting the MULTI system in its 800-foot-tall testing tower to ensure safety. Though the wait may be challenging, we’re definitely looking forward to the doors opening on this development.