Elevator doors are a very important part of an elevator, so making sure they are running properly is a must. Nearly 70% of service calls to elevator repair companies link back to door operator issues. Building owners may recognize the following symptoms all too well: doors not opening or closing all the way, doors hitting customers coming on or off of the elevator, the electric circuit reading that the doors are open or closed when they indeed are not. These are all common reasons to call in a repair team.


Closed Loop Door Operator Systems Are the Answer

Upgrading your elevator to a closed loop door operator system will give you much improvement in how the door system runs. This type of system uses a computer to control the speed and location of the doors, and it is able to detect the exact position of the doors better than a simple mechanical system can. Once it’s installed, the doors will operate much more smoothly and reliably. The closed loop door operator system will cut down on faults, make sure the doors are fully open and closed, and reduce the noise of the doors while in use. A door operator upgrade might be exactly what you need to improve efficiency for your elevator, customers, and building.


Pincus Elevator Company Can Help

To learn more about closed loop door operator systems, or to consult with a repair team about any problems with your elevator, call Pincus Elevator Company at 610-738-4350, or contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative or Tony Belluscio, Vice President and General Manager at  TGibson@PincusElevator.com or TBelluscio@PincusElevator.com. Discussing needed repairs and modernizations for your elevator will ensure safety for your tenants or customers. Work with Pincus—the premier elevator repair company in PA, NJ, and DE, to create the most convenient and safe experience for your visitors!