As your PA elevator company for over 60 years, Pincus knows plenty about how elevators work.
You’ve probably only looked at elevator mechanics when something breaks. It’s your job to get the most from your elevator, and ours to take care of the details.

But if you’re curious—an elevator’s brain is pretty cool.

Yes, they have brains! The days of simple elevator machinery are long gone. Like cars, planes, and almost everything else, modern elevators operate on computer algorithms.

Did you ever wonder, for example, how an elevator decides to pick you up? This Popular Mechanics article is a good overview of how an elevator thinks.

Click through to explore a whole new world.

And, as always, if you have questions about how elevators work, or what they can do for your home or business ask us! Pincus has been your PA elevator company since 1953 and we know a thing or two about elevators.

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