Elevators are rapidly shedding their status as the new new thing and becoming an add-on to existing homes. This is partly a story of industry disruption, the kind chronicled by Clayton Christensen in his groundbreaking book, The Innovator’s Dilemma.

Installation in an existing home can be tricky partly because space is a consideration. But now, many are hydraulically powered and can be tiny, for just 2 or 3 people. That amounts to about 20 to 25 square feet of space taking the upper floor. More importantly, they skip the shaft and control room required by the more conventional models.

And, they can be cheaper.  Homeowners looking to sell might consider adding them to enhance price and marketability. It makes the home more accessible to older buyers who may face mobility issues, and middle-aged ones who see those issues coming down the road yet want to live there long term.

But that isn’t the only market an in-home elevator can lift. A lot of younger buyers think the hydraulic lifts, which are often glass tubes, are just plain cool. And so do the grand kids.

Part of their appeal is that elevators don’t just lift people. Some owners use them as movable storage closets. Others use them for hefting the groceries and other purchases. And a growing number have them not just for elderly human relatives, but for that beloved dog who sleeps upstairs with them but can’t quite make it up on their own any more.

vThe point, for home owners, is to step out of the luxury mindset when thinking about in-home elevators, and step into the idea that these useful features can help them when they live there, and help them sell it when moving on.

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