It’s no secret that in many cases elevators are a necessity for getting from point A to point B. But have you ever thought about how they run? Read on to learn more about how elevators operate safely.

Types of Elevators

There are two main types of elevators that are used most frequently: hydraulic and traction. Hydraulic elevators operate with a push and traction elevators operate with a pull. The basic components of an elevator are the car, the hoistway, the machine/drive system, the control system, and the safety systems. In hydraulic elevators the operating system is below the hoistway in the machine room. In a traction elevator system, the car is pulled from above by wire hoist ropes and the operating machinery is positioned above the elevator hoistway. Traction elevator systems can go from moderate to high speed and from medium-rise to high-rise lengths.

Elevator Safety Systems

Safety features are a critical part of elevator functions. Elevators have both electrical and mechanical safety components that work together to form an integrated system. In the electrical side of the system, sensors and software monitor things such as car speed and position and the door-lock state. That information is then relayed back to the elevator’s controller. The mechanical side of the system includes a machine break, overspeed governor, safety brakes, buffers at the bottom of the hoistway, and multiple suspension cables. In addition, door protection systems include infrared safety curtains, which are devices that scan the area across the elevator doors and trigger the doors to automatically reopen when an object is detected. Elevator leveling is also very important. The electrical and mechanical systems need to work together to ensure that the elevator is within a quarter inch level to the floor to prevent trips or falls when passengers enter or exit the car.

Elevator Maintenance to Ensure Safety

Elevator safety can only be sustained with regular maintenance and inspections. Routine servicing of motors, switches, contacts, brakes, controls, wiring, sensors, and software helps ensure that your elevator will run safely at all times, transporting passengers to and from their destinations.

Pincus Elevator Company Can Help

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