Elevator rides are functional things, little gaps in our day that get us from point A to point B . . .

Or are they?

Can you use an elevator ride to calm down, strengthen your mind, even be happier?

The next time you’re in an elevator, in a PA office building, try meditating. If you’re unfamiliar, meditation harnesses your imagination to help you relax. It’s easier than it sounds, but it takes focus, so elevator meditations work best on longer, crowded rides.

Shut your eyes and choose something that stresses you. Money, your haircut, the Philadelphia Phillies—whatever’s on your mind that day.

Visualize the word written on a bright, shining star. Take deep breaths and relax your shoulders, then, as the elevator rises, picture the star rising into the night sky.

By the time you reach your floor, the star, and your trouble is indistinguishable. You’re left with a bright, peaceful scene.

The bell sounds. Open your eyes and step off the elevator.

You breathe a bit easier. There’s a little more spring in your step.

Who knew an elevator ride could do that for you?

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