Your old elevator runs fine. It’s serviced at least twice yearly. Your technician has access to the correct parts and knows how to use them. The elevator gets passengers from point A to point B, and you’ve never had a safety incident. It passes every inspection.

But elevator cab renovations should be on your mind.

The buttons don’t light up. Years of deliveries have put dents in the walls. And you can hear the machinery grinding.

Besides possible ADA compliance issues, an old elevator cab is a customer service and human resources matter. It’s often the first impression visitors have of your building, and something employees deal with every day.

Equipment upgrades are costly and vital, but riders don’t see that work. Elevator upgrades should happen inside and out, to let riders know they’re entering a safe, controlled, top-of-the-line space. By performing elevator cab renovations in your Philadelphia building, you’ll upgrade the riders’ experience all the way around.

If you have questions about elevator cab renovations or design in Philadelphia, give Pincus a call. As your Delaware Valley elevator installation, maintenance, and repair specialist since 1953, we’ll help make your old elevator new again.