Elevator installation in Philadelphia and all major American cities has become a trend in residential homes. One issue is cost. That can be complicated—because you can’t just pick the cheapest and cross your fingers. You need safe, reliable, hassle free service. And it has to be periodically inspected and well maintained, with a contract that meets your needs.

So, what does a good deal look like? In one word: experience. Pincus Elevator has been operating in Pennsylvania since 1953—over half a century. And they handle it all, from installation to maintenance and repair.

Elevators sound simple—they’ve long lost their ability to feel magical. Yet their service can be critical; if it stops working it can strand people—inside their homes or out. Suddenly, a service we all take for granted when we walk into a business becomes a lifeline for some at home. This means thinking about intangibles as much as price.

Are they reliable? What’s their reputation? Are they fast? Do they know their elevators? Do they train their people to provide the best? And even such details: do they stock parts—having to wait for delivery for even just a few days can be inconvenient or worse, depending on your situation.

To take your elevator for granted—and there’s nothing wrong with that—you need a flawless company who won’t take you for granted. You need a company that has earned a sterling long-term reputation, one that can maintain, repair and (if you don’t already have one yet) install a great machine. Contact us today for a free consultation!