The experience may be fairly unremarkable for most people using an elevator service in NJ. You get in, press your button, wait the few seconds it takes to ascend or descend and step forward when your stop arrives. We use elevators so often that rarely do we pick up on the many nuanced differences that set elevator experiences apart from one another.
As one of the leading elevator companies in New Jersey, we make it our job to notice those differences — and to understand where they come from.
Like all industries, the elevator-design field evolves with the times. Changing trends in where and how people live, work and play shape where and how people use elevators.

Elevator Evolution
Sociological shifts in the past few decades have led to a number of new trends across the globe. People are marrying later, which often means more years living and working in urban areas and focusing on careers. Urbanization is sweeping the nation, with more than 200,000 people around the world moving into cities every day. Urban areas are booming, and nothing says “city” more than a skyscraper.
Inside every skyscraper is a web of elevators. With the boom of workers, residents and visitors in cities, buildings are getting taller and being filled with more people — meaning their elevators also need to evolve to fit that capacity.

The Technology
What are elevator companies doing to meet these changing needs? As with all industries, technology is being tapped to assist companies in developing pioneering new elevator designs.
For instance, UltraRope, by Kone, uses a series of thin black strips, only 1.5-cm thick each, to hoist elevators. The technology is 90-percent lighter than traditional systems, leading to a much sleeker ride. The UltraRope is being increasingly incorporated into buildings known for their height, such as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
Another innovation is the MULTI system, which enables multiple cabs to run in the same shaft, making transportation easier and more efficient. The backers of this product are aiming to pioneer elevators that can run both horizontally and vertically, revolutionizing the elevator industry.

The Experience
Technology isn’t the only aspect being looked to as the elevator industry evolves.
Many designers are aiming to enhance the user experience by stimulating the senses of riders. Companies providing elevator service in NJ might being experimenting with lights, sounds and even scents so that when riders board their elevator for their long slog up to the top of a skyscraper, they’ll have a ride that is both easy and entertaining.
Kone, for example, is exploring an elevator that features soft music while riders enjoy a multicolor light show.

Demand for elevators is high, which means competition is too. As the elevator-design industry flourishes, expect to see more innovation and ingenuity. That said, Pincus Elevator has got you covered with the best quality, prices, and maintenance. Call us today!