If you’re considering installing a residential elevator in Pennsylvania, does it need a camera?  Elevator cameras have been hot news recently.  Celebrities and athletes have been getting constant publicity for their in-elevator altercations.  However, people looking for residential elevators in Pennsylvania don’t need a scandal – they’re just looking for a lift!  Of course, you can have a camera installed in a private home, even though it may be unnecessary.  With instant access to everything through your smart phone (yes, they will work in your elevator), you stay connected to the world even when you’re zipping between floors.  We realize a video camera in your elevator is probably low on your list of considerations.  You want to know how much an elevator will cost, what the installation time is, whether we clean up after construction, what the maintenance contract looks like, and how soon we can schedule this and call it done.  Our company has been helping people jump over these hurdles for 50 years.  Don’t be daunted, be smart, call us at 610-738-4350 and see what Pincus Elevator can do for you.