Admit it: when you were little your dream home included an elevator.

You’d push the button on the ground floor, nod to the uniformed operator as the doors shut, and take it up to the tennis court. Or the candy room. Or the salon with 10 TVs.

In your mind, the ride was almost as fun as the destination. This was an elevator. In your house. That put you in league with the Rockefellers and the Queen of England, right?

Pincus Elevator Company, located in West Chester, PA, can’t promise you salons or tennis courts, but we can say that residential and in-home elevators are no longer fantasies for the few. In fact—pardon us—you might say that residential elevators are ‘on the rise.’

We’ve been a leading elevator company in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware since 1953. Customers across the Delaware Valley have long turned to us for cost-effective residential elevators, vertical platform lifts, and wheelchair lifts that meet your accessibility needs.

From design to parts, construction, and maintenance, Pincus is your full-service Delaware Valley elevator company. Our commitment to state-of-the-art, non-proprietary systems means that the elevator in your NJ, PA, or DE home is built to last, but you’re not required to keep using us when the job is done. We want to earn your continued business with the service, value, and innovation that have sustained us for over sixty years.

Pincus installs products made by the Inclinator Company of America, who invented the stairlift in 1923 and is the worldwide standard for residential and in-home elevator equipment.

If you’re looking for an elevator company in PA, DE, or NJ, give us a call at (610) 738-4350. We look forward to showing you how residential and in-home elevators can be a reality, providing comfort, peace of mind, and adding value to your home.