Incline elevators climb staircases, usually in residences. The key is they don’t go straight up but also cover a horizontal distance, just like stairs. But here’s the key: what was once an unusual and expensive technology has been vastly improved over the years at great cost savings. Best of all, you can get service contracts for maintenance, making the idea of installing such elevators a reasonable proposition. This has profound implications for extending independent living and just plain giving you an added lift at the end of your extended day.

Pincus, a family owned operation located in West Chester, has been serving customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware since 1953. They can install and maintain one in your Philadelphia, PA home easily. Estimates are free. But here’s the surprise: you can hire them to install without being wedded to using them for a service contract; you’re free to get that elsewhere. That’s how confident they are about their work. They bet you’ll be so happy, you’ll be back.