While upgrading an elevator can seem costly in the long term it will significantly save you on repair and maintenance cost. A well-maintained elevator can last 30+ years but will start to deteriorate the older it gets. This can create major safety issues for the passengers as well as create long term shutdowns for your tenants. 

The three main types of upgrades for an elevator are full elevator modernization, standalone component upgrades and cab modernizations. 

Full modernization upgrades all equipment and cabs to ensure complete safety and efficiency of the elevator. 

Standalone upgrades only cover certain components of the elevator. Generally, either the oldest equipment or the ones causing the most issues. Although this is a good alternative it generally is not a long-term fix and at some point, a full modernization will be needed.  

Cab modernization upgrades the interior of the elevator cab. A cab modernization will not upgrade the safety of the elevator, only the aesthetics of the elevator. Generally, a cab modernization will be included in a full modernization. 

 Below are the signs when it may be time to consider upgrading your elevator parts:

  • Old elevator equipment/obsolete equipment

One of the main reasons to modernize your elevator is due to old age. Once an elevator gets past its useful life it can become very dangerous and cause many shutdowns. Generally old elevators will also come with obsolete equipment that can no longer be serviced. If an obsolete part breaks you may be left without a working elevator until upgrades are performed. If your elevator is 20+ years old, please contact us for a free evaluation on all the equipment.

  • Frequent shutdowns/repairs

If you notice that your elevator seems to be constantly shutting down this is a sign that upgrades may be needed. Although repairs can be done most times to keep an elevator working in the long run it saves money to upgrade the elevator and keeps your tenants happier with less elevator downtime.  

  • Safety Issues

One of the most important reasons to upgrade an elevator is to ensure passenger safety. If your elevator is 20+ years old, it will not have all the current safety features and will be using outdated technology. Doing a full modernization would bring your elevator up to the current safety code and ensure safety for the passengers riding the elevator. 

  • Outdated Elevator Cab

The interiors of cabs can go out of style, or your building’s aesthetics can change over time. If the inside of your cab needs to be upgraded, you can consider a cab modernization to update the look of the interior and create a more comfortable ride.

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