Yes, you read that right. You should take your elevator for granted.

Why not? For most of us, they’re smooth, functional, almost pedestrian tools, something we encounter in childhood and quickly stop thinking about. We push a button, get to the sixth floor, and continue with our day.

Simplicity is difficult to achieve, though, and when elevators break people are impacted. The luckiest are forced to take the stairs, but some can’t. Some may even be trapped in elevator cars. That’s why your elevator installation and repair contractor has no margin for error.

You need a contractor with broad and deep experience, one whose training keeps pace with technology, keeps parts on hand, and is proven to keep businesses running and people safe.

Pincus Elevator Company has installed, maintained, and repaired elevators across the Delaware Valley since 1953. For over 60 years—an eternity in science, politics, and Philly sports teams—we’ve been a constant in NJ, PA, and DE, helping our customers take their elevators for granted.

Let your elevator be our priority. You have other things on your mind—and that’s as it should be.