As an elevator company serving, PA, NJ, and DE, Pincus knows everything about residential and commercial elevators, but space elevators are another story! As you may know, the idea is simple: just string a cable 62,000 miles into the sky, anchor it with a counterweight to take advantage of gravity to hold it in place and a robot elevator car can climb up and down it.

Today, they are fiction. Long cheered by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, he predicted they would be built some 50 years after everyone stopped laughing.

But could they be available in your child’s lifetime, or maybe your grandchild’s? We’re about to take a small leap forward. A company called the Liftport Group launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 for an experiment: build a robot that can climb a few kilometers. Then, they will launch a balloon platform miles high in the air, unfurl a kilometers-long cable to see if the robot can climb it. They got a huge response, raising over $110,000.

But back here on the ground, if you need an elevator installed for a drastically shorter distance, give us a call. We are an experienced elevator company that installs elevators in commercial buildings of all sizes.