Elevators play a huge role in our everyday lives. They are very important for those who live in a high-rise apartment building or have a hard time using the stairs. Elevators can be considered a luxury for some and a necessity for those who need assistance getting from floor to floor. What many people never think about are the parts of an elevator that keep the machine working properly—and keep riders safe so they are able to efficiently get to where they need to be.

What Is a Rope Gripper?

Rope grippers are one of the very important elements of elevator safety and function. A rope gripper is a machine that is hydraulically reset and mechanically activated to grip the elevator suspension ropes to protect an elevator in case there is an electrical or mechanical failure. It is tough yet gentle on the ropes and causes no damage.

How Do Rope Grippers Keep Riders Safe?

Once installed, a rope gripper protects the rider in the event that there is a problem and the car overspeeds or leaves the floor with the doors open. These malfunctions can lead to injuries that can be avoided by having a rope gripper installed. If you’re not sure whether your elevator already has a rope gripper, reach out to Pincus Elevator for a free system survey of your elevator in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Let Pincus Help with All Your Elevator Needs

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