As a commercial elevator installer in Philadelphia, Pincus offers clients a variety of service and maintenance agreements. Here is a summary of services.

There’s a lot riding on an elevator contract. The elevator has to be installed correctly and then a maintenance contract has to protect that investment—and the passengers, of course. We look at it this way: every time someone presses a button in the elevator for a destination our reputation is on the line.

Here’s one simple way to discern whether your commercial elevator installer in Philadelphia, Manhattan or New Jersey (our service area) has what it takes. When they offer a contract to install, do they make it mandatory that they get the service/maintenance contract as well? Or do they have the confidence to do what’s known as a non-proprietary installation? That is, installing the elevator without requiring that you give them the maintenance contract. When the installer leaves you free to choose among bids for the ongoing maintenance, they’re broadcasting that they think they’ll give you a good deal, keep you safe, and do it competitively.

An installer who requires that you also give them the maintenance contract as part of the package doesn’t have to be as sharp as those willing to compete with others.

Our confidence is based on over half a century of installing and maintaining elevators. We know how to make it work for our customers in a way that sustains our business over the long term.

Finally, look for another feature in the contract: is the installation agreement giving you 100% system coverage? This is crucial—our philosophy is: get it all taken care of in one step.

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