Elevators in PA get the job done.

They get you from place to place quickly, safely, quietly . . . heck, maybe they even play music.

But did you know that elevators could be thrilling? Exhilarating? Unique?

Here are some of the world’s most stunning elevators.

Hammetschwand Lift, Switzerland. The highest exterior elevator in Europe, the lift whisks visitors 153 meters up in less than a minute, opening on a spectacular lookout over Lake Lucerne.

Sky Tower, New Zealand. A 610-ft. lookout point over Auckland, NZ, this elevator has a glass front and bottom, making for a stunning 40-second ride.

AquaDom, Germany. Berlin’s AquaDom is an 82-ft. high cylindrical aquarium with a transparent elevator inside. Cool, eh?

Gateway Arch, St. Louis. Did you know that St. Louis’s iconic Gateway Arch has an elevator inside? Ascend 630 ft. into the air and see the gateway to the west!

Eiffel Tower, Paris. You probably expected an elevator here. But did you know you zigzag up the structure? Ascend from the ground diagonally to the first level, then take a traditional elevator to the top.

OK, so none of these destination elevators are in PA. But Pincus promises to make your commercial or residential elevator in PA work like the world’s best.

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