Need an in-home elevator in DE, PA, or NJ?

You’re limited only by your needs, imagination, and budget. Wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts are the simplest option. They work with your existing staircase or ramp system to transport people with limited mobility between floors.

They’re best suited to two-story homes. If your home is larger, or if you want an in-home elevator for other family members, or one that more seamlessly integrates with the architectural fabric, well—where to begin?

Do you want a sleek, modern pneumatic (air-powered) elevator? Do you want to make your in-home elevator a central feature of the space, or camouflage it by making it simply another door in the hallway? Your in-home elevator in DE, PA, or NJ can be as simple or deluxe as your heart desires. It all depends on you.

As your Delaware Valley elevator experts for over six decades, Pincus will help you find the in-home elevator solution that’s right for you. Got questions about in-home elevators in DE, PA, or NJ? Call us at 610-738-4350.
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